Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
TAMHF is home to both primates (monkeys, lemurs and apes) and birds, who are unable to live natural lives because of the loss of a limb, an illness disability and/or psychological problem.
About our primates

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Things to do and see
Garden Route Birding

A one stop birding experience. For birding sites, bird lists, tours and maps of the top birding sites in the Garden Route and Little Karoo. Get the most of or local birding on either self drive or guided tours.

Garden Route Moonlight Meander

For the best fun you can have at night in the Garden Route. Join Judy on a guided walk of the rock pools at Gerickes Point near Sedgefield. Tours limited to full and New Moon. Bookings essential.

A travel blog spot.  This specific link features an article named MONKEYS AND SAND.

Glen Harry Game Reserve

Wherever you look at Glen Harry Game Reserve, the landscape resonates with evolution and the passage of time. San and Koi rock art dating back 10,000 years hides in ancient stone shelters, depicting the spirituality of another age, while fossils from 190 million years old line the river bed, drawing palaeontologist interest from far and wide. The numerous springs, and the Sundays river meandering through the reserve’s heart, has long been regarded as the treasure of Glen Harry Game Reserve providing a life-source for Karoo wildlife for thousands of years. The topographical formations, which this Reserve is particularly blessed with, typifies the titanic volcanic activity once seen across the area, while the altitude extremes and fertile land has attracted a great diversity of creatures, bringing a concentration of inhabitant activity, from the Cape clawless otter beside the river bed to black eagles nesting at the highest mountain peaks.
The Great Karoo, known for its rugged yet intense beauty, is home to Glen Harry Game Reserve. Located within the Camdeboo Local Municipality the reserve covers an area of 7,230 square kilometers and a diverse population of c. 50,000. The name Camdeboo evolved from a similar Khoi word meaning “green hollow”. The Stone Age people were the earliest inhabitants of the Camdeboo area, and Stone Age industry sites can be visited nearby where percussion-made hand axes, scrapers, blades and grinding stones are some of the artefacts that have been discovered. Late Stone Age dwellers of the region, the Khoisan hunters and herders, left rock paintings in this area, which can be found on Glen Harry Game Reserve. During the mid 1600’s, the Ingua tribe occupied the area, and grazed their herds of cattle along the Sundays River. In 1770, white farmers settled in the area and introduced Merino sheep and Angora goats. Sheep farming continues to be an economic backbone of the area. The nearby historic and charming town of Graaff-Reinet with its avenues of colonial style houses, is the oldest town in the Eastern Cape having been established in 1786, and the fourth oldest in South Africa. There are many visitor attractions and museums that depict the historic stages the town has seen.

The homestead at Glen Harry Game Reserve is, like the land, steeped in history. Originally known as Dris Koppen, it dates back to 1790 and was birthplace to local bygone figurehead, Andries Pretorious, in 1798. He later became the hero of the 1838 Blood River battle where 470 Voortrekkers (pioneers) defeated 10,000 – 15,000 Zulu's killing 3,000 with the loss of not one Voortrekker. The Gauteng city of Pretoria it now named in his honour. Glen Harry was originally part of the expansive Bloemhof farm during the 1800s. The owner, George Southey, gave his brother, Harry, part of the farm Dris Koppen, upon which it was renamed Glen Harry.

The 10,000 Ha property is one of the oldest Game Reserves in South Africa, established in 1819. The 2,000 head of game, many of which are rare antelope and mammals, have roamed the area for an eternity.

Gold Restaurant

Start your evening with an interactive Djembe drumming session which will get you in tune with our African rhythms and songs for the rest of the night. A soothing hand washing ceremony will complete your interactive drumming experience. Sit down at your table in one of our beautiful inner city courtyards surrounded by ancient trees and history. A set 15 course menu consisting of Cape Malay cuisine and African cuisine will be served to you by one of our beautifully adorned member of staff who will explain each dish to you and from which African country the dish originates from.

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