International Primate Day - 1st September Annually

31st May 2010

Primates in South Africa face a variety of threats to their safety and survival which are largely ignored by an ignorant or uncaring public. South African baboons and Vervet monkeys in particular are amongst the most misunderstood maligned and persecuted animals in our country and suffer horrendously at the hands of intolerant and cruel humans. Not only are they the targeted victims for the “bushmeat” trade, for use by the entertainment industry, for the pet trade and as research subjects in laboratories, they are also relentlessly persecuted as so-called “pests and vermin” in both urban and agricultural areas where they are trapped, poisoned and shot in large numbers. Many fall victim to the cruelty of the traditional medicine (muti) trade and superstition.

Primate Day will be observed annually throughout South Africa on September 1. Animal Rights Africa (ARA) has invited all specialist primate groups and other animal caring groups throughout the country to make a special effort for primates on this day. Last year (2009) the spokes person for Animal Rights Africa said that they will be handing over a memorandum to the national Minister of Safety and Security calling for more stringent controls on the use of air-guns (pellet guns) which are a major source of injury, maiming and death in Vervet monkeys and baboons in both urban and agricultural areas. Amongst other things, Animal Rights Africa will also organize special events at schools and in various public places to educate South Africans about the five species of indigenous primates and why they deserve our respect and protection against exploitation and persecution.

What will we be doing here in Plettenberg Bay?


On International Primate Day, the 1st of September, Monkeyland is inviting all the BITOU MUNICIPALITY REGION's pre-school, primary school, and high school children to visit us for an educational (free) tour of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.  This special offer will be available for 1 week (from the 1st of September to the 7th of September) and has to be booked by the school teachers or school principal. 

Teachers and principals can contact Lara at or call her on 082 9795683 / 044 534 8906 to make a booking prior to August the 25th.